Gaining Popularity With Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and trending websites on today’s social media platform. It is used widely across the entire world...

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All About Instaswift

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Gaining Popularity With Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and trending websites on today’s social media platform. It is used widely across the entire world with an increasing number of users per day. Instagram is used both by ordinary people and celebrities alike. Be it sportspersons or actors, all of them have an Instagram account. It connects you to different people and celebrities living in different places. It is a platform where you get to know all about them and their lifestyles. It’s a place where you get to share yourself with the rest of the world. It is very safe and easy to use. The app gets updated regularly with new and better features which are highly liked by its users and even prompts more number of users. Instagram has a large number of youth populations from all over the world, which makes it even more popular. In fact there are applications that offerautomatic like service to make you more popular on Instagram. But first, let's look at reasons why

Instagram is considered one of the best apps of all time:

Accessibility -It is a free app which doesn’t need any internal purchases. It can be used on both Android and iOS phones. This app is not only built for smartphones but is also accessible online. This makes it easier for one to explore and exploit the app/site in the best way. You also needn’t create a separate account for this, you can just log-in via your Facebook account both on app and site. Due to this accessibility feature, it is favored by many people of all ages.

Discover yourself and other-It is not just an app but more like a place where you discover the joy of sharing precious moments of your life with other people. Instagram helps discover other people who share the same interests as you by suggesting recommendations after seeing what you like and dislike on the app. This helps you meet a ton of new people.

Messaging service-It also has a feature to message people known as ‘DM’ or direct message where you can chat with people individually. You can also send photos and short videos to them via this service without it being visible to anyone other than the sender and recipient.

Privacy-It provides the most comfortable modes of privacy. Instead of keeping a public account, you can opt for having a private account where people request to follow you upon seeing your Bio and Display picture. If you approve only then will they be allowed to view your posts? Don’t like someone pestering or following you? Block them and you will never see their mention anywhere on Instagram. Thus utmost privacy is given to the users of Instagram.

Share yourself -A feature of Instagram called ‘Story’ allows you to share tiny moments of your life in story form where you can either post a picture or short video with a tiny message.The videos are sound equipped and around 5-10 seconds long. The story disappears after 24 hours. If you post multiple stories in the subjected 24 hours, they will appear as short fragments along with your other stories, together. Each story has a limit of 24 hours so even if some of them disappear due to 24 hours being over, the ones with time left will remain.

Post Your Life- It seems rare in this day and age for people to have time to go through boring and long texted messages, hence Instagram is a site dedicated to only photos as videos because you know how the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. You can upload photos and videos of 1 minute long which can be seen by everyone. These photos and videos don’t have a time limit and will continue to remain forever on your account unless you wish to delete them. People can like, comment and share your posts even on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Be it food pictures, selfies, new shoes or prizes, you are welcome to post anything and everything you like.

Enhancing features- Instagram provides a variety of enhancing features to upgrade the quality of your uploads. Each of the 19 filters provided serves a different purpose. It provides various lighting options to adjust the intensity of the image. It also allows the option of choosing different styles and colors which beautify your picture. These features help you enhance and make the most out of your picture.